Workshops at PyCon SG (on-going)

BuildingBloCS 2019 has partnered with Python User Group to conduct Young Coders Workshops for students. This event is separate from main conference, but serve as a lead to help students improve their coding proficiency.

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Workshops at FOSSASIA (completed)

We have also organsied pre-event workshops with FOSSASIA at Lifelong Learning Institute. Below are the details.

Introduction to SQLite

Participants will learn about relational databases through SQLite, a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine which is the most widely deployed database in the world. Both single and multi-table (with normalization) scenarios will be covered. Participants will connect to SQLite using the Python sqlite3 standard library module to perform common operations.


Machine Learning with Python

Participants will learn about basic machine learning algorithms such as linear regression and build a single layer perceptron to improve the performance of the linear regression model.


Introduction to Python

Participants will learn how Python can be used to automate common tasks and program a simple text-based game. We will cover data types, conditionals, loops, data structures and functions.

Introduction to VueJS

Participants will learn about VueJS, a progressive JavaScript framework for creating user interfaces. They will build a simpe SPA (Single Page Application) by applying VueJS’s core concepts.

Introduction to MongoDB

Participants will learn about MongoDB, a cross platform document-oriented NoSQL database system. They will connect to MongoDB using the PyMongo API to perform common operations.